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Corporate values should be clear, measured and adhered to

When I worked for large companies any mention of corporate values meant a collective sign of exasperation in the knowledge that all us worker bees were going to be subjected to lofty prose from the senior management followed by a resumption of the monotonous grind that was office life.

Research aims to identify funding issues for islanders and local businesses

Independent research is being undertaken to identify whether a lack of access to finance is adversely impacting Guernsey people and businesses. Finance for Guernsey has been established to qualify what the needs are in terms of transactional banking and the availability of credit.

Why Board diversity is far more than a political correctness

A recent report in the Washington Post about why more diverse Boards make better M & A decision prompted me to put (virtual) pen to paper about the true nature of diversity, why it matters to companies, why we at Finance For Guernsey put a great deal of weight on the benefits of diversity and why it is a tough thing to achieve.

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